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Freedom from strongholds

Dear brothers and sisters,
When we analyse our daily life we know that we are going through many struggles, distress, suffering and tragedies. The truth is we are in a spiritual warfare, and the real battle is not against any man in this world; but against unseen evil spirits that seek to control us or anyone to fulfil its evil intentions. So it’s very important for us to be always alert in the Spirit against the tactics and tricks which he uses against us.

Devil is the deceiver, father of lies and tempter from the beginning. There are many ways he attack and deceive a human soul. His intent is to plant an evil thought seed that will take root and grow in one’s mind. It’s the False thoughts and False Imagination which he instil in a human mind that tempts one to do a sin. The devil comes to steal and ultimately destroy a soul. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of a man, and knows exactly where to hit at the least expected time. He is restless when he finds a soul getting more close t…