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Spiritual Vision I had in the Holy Spirit

​Dear brothers and sisters,

Shalom in the Almighty God Yeshua. The vision I had in the Holy Spirit

I had the following spiritual experience which I wanted to share with you all. Years back while I was in the midst of facing many challenges in life, I decided to fast and pray, and to read the Holy Bible.
I ate very limited food, and read the Bible.
I knew that all the problems in man's life was because of an enemy who wanted to see the total destruction of the soul; he is the devil ( deceiver ), who deceives humans from the beginning from Adam and Eve.
I decided to write an article and publish the ways he deceive the man.
I spent the first day fasting and praying, reading the Bible, and writing the article.
During my fifth day once I almost finished writing the article, I decided to sleep for a while.
While I was on the bed, I felt an enormous joy and peace which words can't describe slowly entering my soul and spirit. 
In my spiritual eyes I saw in a flash, I was ( my soul ) immersed i…